Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Diet Season

Tonight is New Years Eve which marks, for many people, the start of diet season. After months of binging on rich holiday treats we find ourselves straining to button our favorite jeans. So now we vow to loose those holiday love handles by religiously following the workout plans of our favorite celebrities.

Wait. Did I actually say we?! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for healthy living, the problem is that crash diets are the exact opposite of true healthy living. So, for the New Years I am saying goodbye to diet season and hello to some healthier goals for my body, life, and business. The two I have already started are:
1. Starting a blog
2. Growing a wheatgrass garden

As mentioned in my last post, the Hubs got me a great DIY wheatgrass kit off of Etsy and I've been amazed at how fast this stuff grows! Just to show you how fast this really does grow, I've taken a photo per day starting on day 3 when the first little sprout peeked out. At this point I've realized I was a little frugal with the seeds and should have dumped the whole pack in, but now have plenty left over for round two.

Aside from being a beautiful indoor garden, wheatgrass is excellent for your health. I plan on juicing mine when it's ready. It has added the little touch of green I needed in my home, especially since outside we're still buried in snow.

Those of you ditching diet season this year too will want to check back tomorrow for the recipe for a very non-diet-friendly treat- Vanilla Carmel Corn. Yum!

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