Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gift Guides

Gift Guides seems to be the phrase on people's lips lately. This section of Etsy suggests items to buyers looking for gifts in various categories or for certain people. Consider the gift guides as your one-stop shop when you're looking for items in a specific style or for a special person and you just aren't sure what to search for. These items are all hand-picked by Etsy staff members so, naturally, to be picked for one of these guides is quite flattering.

Some folks have found themselves wondering how to get included in one of these guides. One such person is my friend Cherie over at StudioCherie. One of the theories out there is to change up your photos so they are excellent shots and vibe well with the other picks already in the gift guides. Check out her blog and leave your opinion on what photo you think will earn her that well deserved place. Doing so will give you the chance to win one of 3 prizes!

After reading that I could win some awesome gift from her shop I had to put in my two cents, which brought me to the gift guides page to take one more look before casting my vote. To me, putting together a gift guide seems like a huge treasury, so I wanted to see which photo of hers compliments the other photos in the "baby" guide. I never got that far (yet! Cherie, I will be checking yours out after this, I promise!)

The reason I didn't get that far is, much to my surprise, I have been included in a gift guide myself! Woo Hoo!

Check out the "Writing It Down" guide to see my birds and bees journal in action. I'd love to provide you all with advice at this point on how I did it, but honestly it wasn't anything special. Recently I've improved my photographs and since then I've almost doubled my monthly sales, been included in more treasuries, been hearted more, and scored a spot in the gift guides. Proof, I suppose, that a picture truly is worth a thousand words.


  1. Way to go Randi!!! Looks great on the guides.

  2. Yay! I had a feeling you'd get in there. I was thinking your caffine coffee cuff for the geek chick guide! Maybe you got noticed by entering your before and after photos on the flickr group. Okay, now I have my marching orders: use poster sketch to look along side the things already in the guide and submit before and afters to the group. Maybe a new photoshoot will have to happen in between. Thanks so much Randi! You are wonderful.