Thursday, May 14, 2009

Outdoor Entertaining 101, part 1

Let me first start by explaining that you can blame my hiatus on my garden. You see, in Spokane (where I live) Spring is really just a combination of all the seasons- sometimes occurring in one day. So between the thunderstorms, heatwaves, frost-overs, and crisp breezy days I have had to make the most out of every yard work opportunity, and some not so opportune days as well. It has been worth it though, and I have a lovely new patio to show for it. Outdoor party here I come!

I think we are programmed as children to look forward to summer all year long, and the first glimmer of sunshine I put together our new 2 person hammock and made a big old pitcher of iced tea. With the forcast set to be in the 80's and two family birthdays this week it was the perfect excuse to host my first outdoor party of the year.

Ok, I have to admit that although I am calling this upcoming weekend my first outdoor party of the year, it really isn't. Last Saturday was so nice it seemed to be the day of impromptu drop ins. Well my mother raised me right (or tried to anyhow) and at the end of the evening when 6 people and an adorable pitbull/boxer mix (Gilbert!) remained I fired up the BBQ and sent my sister to the store for some last-minute salads and we had a lovely, although chilly, outdoor dinner.

But this weekend I am going all out with the party planning and I thought I would pass along my tips and recipes so you have some new ideas in your arsenal of outdoor entertainment. Memorial day weekend is just 9 days away- are you ready? To start out, I'm going to share my Etsy picks for the perfect outdoor party. Tune in over the next several days for my ideas on recipes - including vegetarian options for the BBQ- and hostess tips and tricks. So without further ado, your essential Etsy picks for outdoor entertainment:

P.S. I cannot leave without urging everyone in the Spokane/Cheney area to drop in to EWU's BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) show that is up in their gallery right now. The paintings by Keshia Weaver-Wright will knock your socks off, and all the work in the show is for sale. If you want info on the show I'll gladly email it to you. Look for an artist interview and a feature on Keshia's work in the future.

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