Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Around the world and back...

As an Etsy seller I think one of the coolest things I get to do is send mail all over the world. Each time I send a package overseas or to a town I've never heard of I always feel the need to share that information with everyone I know- and although it may sound just plain weird to them, I consider it an accomplishment to sell items to someone in Jerusalem or New York City. It just proves that Etsy is more far-reaching than I ever imagined it to be and I have a sense of pride knowing that right now things I made with my own two hands are literally all over the world!

I've decided that with my office being a "command center" of sorts it is only appropriate to track my progress on a map pinboard right above my desk. I will soon be sticking little red tipped pins in a world map for every sale I make to a location, with the goal to someday have sold to every US state and most major countries! (Tokyo, Seoul, Reno, Sao Paulo, and Hong Kong being towards the top of my wishlist!) Until that gets set up I've made a virtual version on Google Maps. You can check out the full version of it here

Look out world, here I come!


  1. Randi-I have your blog on my dashboard now, and have been exploring the different things you have written. Thanks for sending me the addy. I too like esty because of the many places you get to send to. I love your map! Where did that come from?
    My addy is:
    Stop by if you want. I mostly blog about quilts, but I show pet pix and some pix of my brother's garden too.
    It was a treat to meet you.