Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can you spare a click?

Originally I thought of making paper roses as a way to use up the huge box of paper I have leftover from making books. (C'mon, you can't just throw that stuff out!) Back in the Victorian era women made paper flowers for their homes during the months when fresh flowers weren't in season. I've used that idea to make flowers out of recycled papers- which I think is a great and everlasting alternative to fresh flowers in floral arrangements and bouquets.

A couple of weeks ago my wonderful Etsy friends talked me into entering my paper roses into the Martha Stewart DIY Wedding contest (that is happening in partnership with Etsy). The winner of the contest will be featured on her website and might have the opportunity to demonstrate their craft on her show. There are some great entries, including those of my friends and teammates. I encourage you to sign up for an account and vote/comment on your favorites. And, if you can spare a click check out my entry here where I've entered a bouquet of fuchsia roses I actually made for a recent wedding. Rumor has it that Martha Stewart will be taking into consideration the ratings and comments when choosing a winner.

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