Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It isn't easy being green...

I'm feeling rather un-festive (is that even a word!?) today. I never have really gotten in to St. Patty's day anyway, despite green being my favorite color and pinching people a secret guilty pleasure of mine. And, while I am sitting in my springy green loft on my green laptop sipping away at my "Green Goddess" wheatgrass shake I still can't shake these ho-hums.

So, what's the matter? I suppose it just feels no different than any other day to me. I see a lot of enthusiasm everywhere on the web for shamrocks, green, rainbows, and even a nice big pint of Guiness- Not my thing. Even tonight while my husband happily munches away on his corned beef I'll surely be eating a veggie casarole of some kind and completely happy with it. I feel that I should be baking green cookies and building leprechaun traps, but I feel more like the St. Patty's Day Grinch - unenthused but so big and green that nobody dares pinch me to get me in the spirit. (Haha, ok. Maybe that last bit way a bit dramatic.)

I came to the realization that all the "good" holidays have one of a few things: family, presents, or candy. (Food too, I supposed, but being a vegetarian I usually get the short end of the carrot stick during holiday meals in my family!) I am remedying this right now by buying a couple St. Patty's gifts for myself and my family. If you need a little shove in the festive direction, here are some other great Etsy picks to get you in the mood.

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  1. I'm thinkin' if you read Tommie DePaola's picture book about the real St. Patrick, you'll be much more in the mood for it next year. Your shop is looking so very lovely!