Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring everywhere!

Spring is officially here. Mud puddles everywhere from the torrential downpour outside, patio furniture on sale (bought a 7 piece set AND a hammock this week!), and the Eastern Washington Etsy team has our Spring Challenge up. Check out our blog ( to vote for you favorite item (hint: my journal is #4... j/k vote for any one of our super talented people!). If you cast your vote and leave a comment you could win the item that receives the most votes! Voting ends Friday, March 27th at 5pm PST so what are you waiting for? Go do it before its too late!


  1. Hi,
    so with your new patio set and hammock are you hosting a nice little etsy team get together!!?? :) (jK)
    can't wait for the sun!!

  2. I went, I looked, I voted... Gorgeous stuff. LOVE the journal. (I think you need to remove the www from the link.)