Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The strength of humility

Hello all. I would love to stay and talk today, but since my shop seems to be selling out of eco-friendly coffee cuffs like crazy, it is my goal today to make at least 5 (and bake my poor husband those cookies he's been waiting a week for!). I just wanted to share something with you that really touched my heart today.

Our team, as you know, is holding monthly challenges and giveaways and our wonderful blogger-turned-cheerleader, Cherie, has decided to feature our contestants on her personal blog. Although her items are also entered into the challenge, she has decided to take the high road and graciously promote her peers and competitors. It takes more strength to be humble than to fight for the win and her words of encouragement meant a lot to me, not only as a competitor myself but also as a friend and teammate. I hope, because she chose humility for the good of the team, that it brings her success as well. Please take a look at her blog post and learn about the team, and when you're done with that you can vote in our challenge.

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  1. LOVE the caffeine molecule sleeve. Very cute and clever!