Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beautiful Jewelry

I went out shopping with my sister-in-law (or soon to be SIL, anyway) yesterday at the mall and we had to stop into every jewelry store so she could oogle the diamonds. I have never considered myself a jewelry expert and I tend to keep it pretty simple on a day-to-day basis. My wedding ring is petite and simple and I like it that way. My SIL on the other hand carries her own jeweler's loop with her when she shops and inspects each pieces color, clarity, size, symmetry, etc. Let's just say the girl's got an appreciation for diamonds I don't usually see with people.
This has gotten me looking at everything with that same kind of eye- and one person who makes jewelry I know I can appreciate is Rachel. (Remember, I did an interview with her a while back?) And the only thing better than a gorgeous piece of jewelry is a FREE gorgeous piece of jewelry... which is just what you can get. She's hosting a June giveaway on her blog for an amazing necklace. And although I want to win it all for myself, I'm sharing the news with you because I love you too. Good luck!

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