Friday, June 12, 2009

*Bragging Alert!*

Can I just brag for a quick second... please? I just want to tell everyone how proud of my team I am! As the President of the Eastern Washington Etsy Team it makes me feel like a proud momma when the team excels and that is exactly what we are doing! We have some mighty talented folks in our bunch and Etsy is definitely taking notice.

As I said in my last post, 3 of our team members (including myself) are featured in this weeks Etsy Voter which ends on Monday. People nominate these folks (or they can nominate themselves) and Etsy Admin chooses a group of items to be voted on then featured. Studio Cherie, The Vintage Dresser, and myself are all featured for our rockin' cozies.

Today I also found that we have another 3 members featured in the Father's Day themed Weekend Deals Gift Guide. Studio Cherie (man, is she popular!), slidesideways, and myself all have some screamin' weekend deals for your handmade-lovin' dad. Team EWAET representing! (lol, ok. Maybe that one was a little much- even for me.)

We also have major treasury fever and your can find treasuries by some of our "superstar" treasury makers on both Treasury Main and Treasury West at any given time. Leanna of SeamsVictorian is really on fire with these and she is good! The ever-popular Cherie also has cornered the market on treasuries and is an expert since she is also on the Treasury Team.

All I can say is- Go Team! You make me proud!

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  1. Wow, Randi! Lots more bragging allowed. You have reason to be excited. I promptly went and voted for you, and am thrilled to see that your fab cozies are doing EXTREMELY well in the polls. Congratulations!! I'm just green with envy ;-) And it is one more reason to move to Washington state...