Thursday, June 4, 2009

Make it a double

Its no secret that I love anything in multiples... little collections of vintage items, groupings of frames in the same color, repeating patterns. How about multiple giveaways!? Count me in! I told you about Rachel's giveaway yesterday that you can enter to win a fabulous necklace from her shop, so let me introduce you now to Lindsey.
Lindsey is an amazing designer (I checked out her killer portfolio) and she has a shop on Etsy called Lost And Fawned (which I love, BTW) that is full of lovelies that will make any soon-to-be bride or hopeless romantic swoon. I met Lindsey when I first started on Etsy a year ago and have recently started following her blog where she is hosting a great giveaway. $20 to her amazing shop is yours if you pop into her shop and leave a comment on her blog that tells her what your favorite item there is and why.
So go! Do it now... you can thank me later. ;)


  1. That is a really beautiful necklace, I am going to check it out.
    By the way you are in Etsy's latest voter thing with your caffine molecule coffee cozies that I nominated! Good luck!