Monday, January 12, 2009

The Apple Never Falls Far...

Apple Jacket by jaquelineknits

Today as we were leaving to run some errands I saw my mom's little silver Kia pull into the driveway. That's odd. She usually works on Mondays and hardly has time for a lunch break and here she is- no advance phone call or anything. I pulled on my paint-covered Crocs and ran out to meet her. Much to my surprise she's carrying two big bowls of what appeared to be potato soup- one with bacon for the Hubs and one without for me.

"Oh. Potato soup? Um, thanks." was about all I could say and she knew right away what the problem was.

"You just made soup, didn't you?" Yes, actually, that has been dinner two nights in a row. Must just be that kind of week, we agreed.

As I'm eating potato soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next two weeks I'll be thinking of my mom and how much I'm turning into her. A thought that would have horrified my teenage self, but, surprisingly I'm ok with this now. Usually it's her little oddities that I find myself repeating, like her long drawn-out "hell-oooooo" when she leaves you a voicemail or her tenancy to talk to my dog like he's answering back, but occasionally it's the normal stuff like making the same dinner. Yup, I can live with that.

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  1. I love it! I think of stuff like that all the time....find myself doing things my mom does. sometimes it's creepy, but usually pretty cool.