Friday, January 9, 2009

We Read Ingredients

This is the catch phrase adorning the banner for Vegan Etsy- "we read ingredients." Since becoming a vegetarian I've learned that this statement is more true that most people realize. I've gone from being able to buy groceries in 20 minutes to having to hold up everyone in the supermarket while I read each item I buy. Just because you can't see the meat in a dish doesn't mean its vegetarian. Because of this I've become more aware of what's going into my meals but I've been surprised at how many people don't understand my eating habits.

Vintage Collage Bracelet by foundandmade

Yesterday at the supermarket I placed my purchases on the belt and the cashier's face went white. "How are you?" she asked. "Fine, thanks. How are you?" I said. "Um, I'm ok. I'm just am wondering what this stuff is." The stuff she was referring to was two jugs of Mega Greens juice. I explained to her that it was a mixture of fruit juices, wheatgrass and barley juices. Poor thing cringed and rushed us out of there before she lost her lunch. It was an amusing experience, although I don't think she'll ever be the same.
Pineapple Juice Notebook by ivylanedesigns

Another wasn't as funny. Annoying is more like it. While remodeling our new home I went to Wendy's down the street to grab lunch for everyone helping out. Fast food is basically unheard of with a vegetarian diet, but it was close by. So I asked for one of their salads without the chicken. Two managers and a few dirty looks later I was told that my request wasn't possible. Instead I ordered the salad and ask for the chicken on the side. They reluctantly agreed but warned me that they wouldn't leave the piece of chicken whole- they were going to cut it up. What did I care- I wasn't going to eat it. Upon paying the gal at the counter said to me, "So, what? Are you a vegetarian or something?" Why, yes I am.


  1. that is ridiculous. i was not aware that vegetarians were some strange weird breed.

  2. I wasn't either, but apparently so. lol. Some people are all for it, but other seem to think I'm either really picky or I'm a hippy.