Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reverse Craftology

I have to admit that since graduating in June from EWU with a BA in painting and life drawing, I haven't done much to work on my personal artwork. (The image below is one of my paintings from college.) I've been SO excited about my Etsy shop that I haven't even sat down to sketch a stick figure unless, of course, it was for a custom order.

I started my Etsy shop after working on a mixed media project in a drawing class. Using a salvaged shorthand book as my drawing surface, I painted, sketched and stitched it into a great little commentary on the female identity. I became so enamored with thrifted books that I made one- "Kitchen Hints from Heloise" into my personal sketchbook. Then, they just kept coming- unique one-of-a-kind sketchbooks for one-of-a-kind artists.

Then, this week, while mentally organizing my soon-to-be craft room I realized I have an overabundance of book "guts." I have been using the covers up and have tons of paper leftover that I feel too guilty to dispose of. So, that's when I realized- if my art can inform my craft, why can't my craft inform my art? I am currently working on some ideas for some new paintings and couldn't be happier to now be combining my two loves. Bring on the "Reverse Craftology!"

I'll be sure to share the finished product, but until then I will leave you with some of my Etsy favorites for fine art.

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