Monday, January 19, 2009

My biggest art project, ever.

Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Boy and girl hate their apartment. Boy asks girl to get pre-approved for a home loan. Girl isn't interested. Boy and girl move in to girl's parent's house. Boy goes crazy. Girl finds home on Craigslist. Home is trashed. Boy and girl buy home. Girl paints and paints. Boy builds and builds. Boy and girl move in. Home sweet home. The end.

That is the short version of what my husband and I have been through in the past couple of years. We fell in love with a little 1908 fixer-upper and have been working dilligently with my parents to fix this baby up like new. Yes, it was hard work. Yes, it was disgusting at times. (Bank repos are not usually left in pristine condition, if you know what I mean.) We've finally crested the home-improvement hill and are somewhere on the downward stride- finally!

This week my husband found our picture hanging supplies in a box marked "Miscellaneous." I was so excited that our bare (although freshly painted and lovely) walls could house our photos. I threw them up and realized I hated where I put all of them, and we are in some serious need of some artwork. Apparently a 900 sq. foot apartment doesn't house enough photos to fill the walls of a 1500 sq. foot home. Bummer.

Ok, ok. I admit, I was a little excited to see open wall space. I've spent all afternoon on Etsy looking for that perfect piece that my walls can't live without. I am now taking a break to address my long-neglected blog and share some of the little triumphs of our new home ownership before the gimme-gimmes kick in.

Two very scarey and very real "before" photos of our bedroom. Stained carpet, ugly boarder, unpainted drywall. Ick. (Oh, and check out the very yellow living room through the doorway!)

Two "after" shots. Ah, that's better. New blue paint, bamboo flooring, and new trim all around. The unfinished part on the second image is a soon-to-be wardrobe.

Laundry room before and after. Paint, bead board, trim, ceramic tile, and new appliances. Yay.

Before and after in the living/dining room. Gone is the yellow sponge paint and stained carpets. New bamboo floors, mocha paint, and white trim. Ignore the front door- its still the yellow from before until spring comes and I can take it outside to paint.

I'm so pleased with our progress this far, especially doing all the work ourselves. Now comes the fun part- decorating!


  1. what a great post! and look at all that work you have done!! how amazing. this is our year to buy a home (god i hope) and i am very excited. what lovely flooring! did you do that yourself too?

  2. Yes, all the flooring was done by us. Mom cut the pieces, I laid them out and tapped them in, and hubby nailed them in place. It worked out wonderful.

  3. Your house is truly lovely. It has a warm and open feel, kind of like you. I love the way you wrote the story, very cute.